Ladder Climber

In this game, the main character will have a very strange trial. He needs to climb a ladder that goes literally to the sky. However, it is not so easy as you may think as the ladder is not in its best state. Some ladder steps are simply broken, but therefore it is a challenge, and you will still need to find a way to go up!

Will you manage to reach the top?

You will have to control both hands. If you happen to grip a broken rung, you will simply fall into the abyss and the game will be over for you. So you need to switch your hands in time and keep going up. The key point is to have a firm grip and move forward. For good performance, you will get points. Experience points will enable you to unlock new skins for your character. You will also get an additional bonus for covering the ladder at a high speed. So join now to check your agility skills and improve them!

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