Getting Over It

If you learned the basics of ancient Greek history well, you probably heard of Diogenes. It was a famous philosopher who preferred a simple, even primitive way of life uncomplicated by any social rituals or material wealth and chose the dubious comfort of a random wooden barrel to the luxuries of the villa where he might have been otherwise leading an enviable and well-off existence. Getting Over It kind of exploits that concept and puts you in the role of a naked man who spends the whole game without leaving the cauldron he is sitting in. Moreover, he has a hammer in his hand and he uses it to make his way to the top of an insanely tall mountain. Sounds crazy? It looks even more so! See that with your own eyes playing this freakish – and outrageously difficult – arcade online!

Not as simple as it looks!

At first sight, there seems to be nothing particularly hard about the great quest lying ahead of you. Really, what haven’t you already seen in a good deal of other games like that? However, once you start playing, you realize you won’t be able to beat the gameplay so easily this time. Difficulties begin with the very first obstacles. While usually you would start from the really simple ones and just glide through the first few levels without any trouble, Getting Over It believes that every inch of the route must be as challenging as possible. So it won’t cut you any slack. Things grow more and more complicated as you progress and it might well take you a dozen of attempts to overcome what seems to be the easiest hurdle imaginable.

Show precision and focus!

So what accounts for this effect? Mostly it’s the sensitive controls and the elaborate physics. The careful, slow movement you were able to keep in check passing a particularly tight fragment, all the planning and trying your best to succeed this time, may be ruined by one panicky twitch of your finger. As such, the game requires you to keep steady and calm even in the most stressful moments and practice self-control which we all can use in our neurotic days. It also teaches you that you shouldn’t give up and must keep pushing forward no matter what. Although some might find it too tough and move along searching for something with a faster reward for their efforts. In any case, playing Getting Over It is daring and interesting. Try it and see for yourself launching this unusual and addicting game on your PC or smartphone!

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