Getting Over It 2022

Do you love games that are challenging and exciting? Are you one of the players who don’t give up even if they stumble upon some particularly complicated level and can spend hours passing it over and over again? Then you really should try this game! Here your goal is to reach the top of the mountain climbing it with a rather unusual tool in your hands – a huge sledgehammer. Or, and you’ll also be sitting in a cauldron! How is it even possible? Let’s start playing to see!

Can you reach the top of the mountain?

Upon the launch, you will see a topless guy sitting in a metal cauldron (or barrel – anyway, it’s generally not used for mountaineering, that’s for sure). So basically, you can’t use your legs – just your hands and the hammer. With its help, you can get hold of various objects and thus gradually make your way up to the mountain peak. The gameplay is rather complicated since you have to calculate every movement to keep moving up, rocking your barrel and performing jumps. The price of one single mistake is an epic fall down and when you get up, you’ll have to start all over again. However, it will be even more rewarding to reach the end of the level!

Overcome another challenge and strive higher!

Getting Over It 2022 is really a great game for those who aren’t looking for easy ways and don’t mind a little bit of challenge. You will surely be pleased by quirky design and bizarre poetical and philosophical remarks that you will be hearing in the background along the way. Sometimes the voice will just go off, and you’ll be left continuing your path in silence – having some time to think over what has just been said. There are a lot of other discoveries and surprises waiting for you here, so plunge into the game right now!

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